monique macintosh May 06, 2019
How To Care for Human Hair Extensions – 10 Amazing Tips!
Hair Extension Care Is Important!


So you’ve got the human hair extensions that you have been longing for you even have them installed, but wait there's more. It is very important that you take care of your human hair extensions in the best way that you can. There are so many ways and so many benefits of taking care of your human hair extensions. Not only will they look good but they will last long if you take proper care of them.

In this article we will go over everything you need to know about caring for human hair extensions. From styling to products, storage to care, maintenance and even more let’s go over 10 amazing tips on caring for human hair extensions.


  1. Don’t Use Too Much Heat


Whether it is skin or whatever, we all know that heat can cause so much damage. The same rule applies when it comes to human hair extensions. Although human hair extensions can be treated like real hair when it comes to using hot tools just like your real hair human hair extensions are susceptible to heat damage as well. To prevent such damage try not to use too much heat and when you do use heat to make sure to use a heat protectant as this will help protect your hair.


  1. Store Them Safely


Storage is necessary for so many things in life and the same goes for your hair extensions. When your extensions are not in use make sure to store them safely either on a wig stand or in a hair box. This will help keep your hair from getting tangled and collecting lint and dust that can make your extensions look old and worn.


  1. Stay Away From Gel


We know, we know you love gel. You want to use it to keep your hair slick and use it to slay and style those baby hairs of yours but trust me it is not the best or only option for this. Gel can cause your human hair extensions to get very hard and look fake. Instead try using a light mousse and even some balm or edge control. These products will give you similar results without the stiffness of hair gel.


  1. Detangle Your Hair Extensions Before Washing It (While Dry)


Just because your hair extensions tangle doesn't mean that their life is completely over. Detangling is very important and can actually be frequently necessary especially when you are doing lots of styling. Detangling your hair extensions (while they are dry) before washing them tremendously helps prevent unnecessary tangling.


  1. Don’t Brush Them While They Are Wet


To continue and reinforce our last tip we want to emphasize how important it is to not brush your hair extensions while they are wet. At first glance you may think that this is a great idea because your mind equates wetness to moisture but this is not a good idea. Brushing your human hair extensions while they are wet actually leads to more frequent tangles that are extremely hard to get rid of once they occur.


  1. Hang Them to Dry


A hang dry is the best way to dry your hair extensions. This is the most natural way to dry hair extensions and it also works the best. Blow drying puts a lot of unnecessary heat on your hair and sadly it can cause heat damage to your extensions. Drying your hair with a blow dryer may be fast but overall hang drying is way better long term. If time is your concern make sure to wash and dry your hair extensions a day before wearing them. The longer the bundles the longer they may take to dry.


  1. Comb Hair Extensions With A Wide Tooth Comb


When it comes to taking care of hair extensions a rat tail comb is usually not your friend. Rat tail combs just can’t handle going through that much hair without causing frizz and tangling. Due to volume wide tooth comb is best when combing through bundles. A wide tooth comb will go smoothly through your hair preventing tangles and other unnecessary mishaps.


  1. Use Fabric Softener to De-frizz Hair Extensions


You may have tried fabric softener on your clothes but have you tried it on your hair extensions? This may sound crazy but believe it or not it works and it works really well. Just like when applied to clothing fabric softener can help soften your human hair extensions and prepare them for a nice smooth comb through. It will make the job of softening and getting through your hair extensions so much easier.


  1. Cover Your Hair Extensions Before Bed


When caring for your hair extensions what you do at night matters just as much as what you do throughout the day. This is why it is so important to not only have a day regimen but also a night time regimen for your hair extensions. One of the things that should definitely be apart of your nighttime regimen when caring for your human hair extensions is covering your hair before you go to bed. It may seem like a lot of work but trust me it will only take a few seconds and it is so worth it when you see your hair looking flawless the next morning.


  1. Avoid Certain Products


Not all products are harmful or bad when it comes to hair extensions but there are some products that you should avoid or rather ingredients. Avoid using products that contain ingredients such as sulfate, mineral oil, petroleum jelly and even alcohol. These products can cause damage to your hair extensions and sadly they are included in so many hair products so be on the lookout.


                                 What Tip Is Your Favorite?


You now have some amazing tips on how to care for your human hair extensions so there is no excuse for your extensions to look and remain flawless. Which tip was your favorite? What other tips have you tried that work? Let us know by leaving a comment, we’d love to hear from you!