monique macintosh Apr 25, 2019

Must Try Hair Styles for Spring

Beauty and fashion trends ebb and flow over the decades gifting us with everything from soft and demure to bold and engaging. As with fashion, hairstyle trends change so fast that it is hard to keep up. It is unlikely that the pixie cut from this spring will be ready for a shoulder length layered cut in the fall. That is where the magic of human hair extensions and wigs come in handy. With such so much versatility, you can be ready for a fresh new look in no time.
We browsed the internet and few fashion magazines and were pleased to find that Spring 2019 offered a lot of variety in lengths, textures, colors, and styles. There is something for everyone. Allow us to present some of our personal favorites for this year.


Pixie Cut

The pixie delivers a clean business-like look. It is easy to manage and allows the beauty of the eyes, mouth and neck to be the focal point. Play it up with a pair of elegant diamond studs for work, rock the big hoops for play, or dress up with a pair of crystal drops for a formal event.



Ombre’ is a color effect in which a color or tone moves gradually from one shade to the next. With hair styles, the effect can start from a rich brown at the roots and end in a lovely caramel blond at the tips. Although ombre’ is not new to hair trends, what is new is that the color combinations are breaking the rules by no longer following a single tone, and the choices are amazing.

Are you are looking for something fun and a little daring? Go ahead and install you regular weave except this time start at the nape of then neck with a duel colored track that looks like it’s been dipped in unicorn dust. Maybe you like it so subtle that is only noticeable in a slight breeze or really jazzed up, so it makes people do a second take. You decide.




The bob haircut is typically one that is blunt cut and falls at just about ear level. Although it has been a fashion trend for many years, this year we are defying definitions and taking it to the next level. In our search for cute hair we discovered the braided bob, the super curly bob, the shoulder length bob, and the asymmetric bob. We feel like the bob cut is amazing at adding an element of allure to the face and while giving artistic interest to the silhouette. Add splash of color to make it your own and you will have created a look that defies time.


We looked extensively at trends in braided hair styles and loved what we found. Styles are more intricate and can use many different methods combined in one hairdo. We saw combinations that blended skinny braids with chunky braids, braids that changed direction, and braids that were combined with loose hair. Super long braided ponytails add a youthful appearance. The ones that we admired most are the African style braids because there are so many styles to choose from. Ghana braids celebrate a place where many of us trace our ancestry. Choose from different types of corn rows in beautiful swept back styles. They are designed to look natural and will keep you cooler during the summer months. Add in a bit of extra human hair, highlights, and a bit of shine for a super thick, sexy appearance.

These are just a few of our favorite pics for this year. We love that styles have become so diverse and flexible that there is something for most everyone. What are some of your favs?