monique macintosh May 07, 2019

Summer is Coming!

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions in the Heat and Humidity


How to Beat the Summer Heat with Hair Extensions


You have been daydreaming about summer all year long and now it is almost here! Summer is a wonderful season that brings on the heat and there are a whirlwind of decisions that are dictated by it. From what you wear and even your makeup, the heat of the summer can have a huge say in your decision making process. The same goes for hair and for all our hair lovers out there it is time to choose your perfect summer hair look!


While summer is the favorite season of many it can be the least favorite when it comes to hair, especially for those who wear hair extensions. It seems like the heat and humidity are the enemies of almost every single hairstyle that you can think of. Heat and humidity can cause curls to go flat, hair to become dry and frizzy and they can melt your quick weave faster than butter in a microwave.


Although you may be scared, with proper care it is very possible to still rock hair extensions during the summer. In this blog post we will be sharing with you, helpful tips to take care of your hair extensions with the summer heat and humidity. By the end of this post you’ll feel confident wearing hair extensions in the summer heat.


How Heat and Humidity Affect Hair Extensions


In order to better understand how to take care of your hair extensions in the summer weather you must first learn how heat and humidity affect hair extensions.  Almost no matter where you are in the world, in the summer month’s heat and humidity are almost completely unavoidable. The heat is already bad for hair in the summer but when you add humidity everything goes to a whole other level. These factors can be extremely problematic for those wearing hair extensions in the summer.


Heat and humidity are already not your friend when it comes to natural hair and when it comes to hair extensions the same is true. Just like with natural hair, heat and humidity can cause your curls to drop, hair to frizz and can cause sweaty build up!


Your scalp produces sweat just like any other part of your body and sweat production increases when the weather is warmer outside. Just like your body, sweat can cause odors in your hair when not properly taken care of and cleansed.


All of this and more is why you need to know how to take care of your hair in the summer heat. Now let’s get into our tips for hair extension care in the summer.


Lay Off the Styling Tools


Our first tip is to lay off the styling tools. While curling irons and flat irons allow you to style your hair extensions in unique ways, these styles are not durable for the summer heat. Sadly, your curls will surely drop. Who wants to go through all the hassle of curling and straightening just for it to be ruined as soon as you step outside?


A better option is to choose a hair texture with a naturally curly pattern such as a deep wave, Spanish wave, loose wave, body wave etc. These hair textures are naturally curly and will maintain their texture even in warm weather. Using curly hair extensions rather than curling straight hair extensions to achieve curls is the best way to go in the summer for a curly look.


The same goes for if you want to rock a straight hair look. To achieve a straight hair look with hair extensions in the summer rather than straightening wavy or curly bundles you are better off starting out with bone straight bundles.


Use The Right Products


One of the most important keys to maintaining your hair extensions in any weather is using the right products. From shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and all products in between make sure everything is on point to protect your hair in the summer.


You want to use products that say things like sulfate free, frizz control or moisturizing as such products are perfect for warm weather. These products will help prevent the dryness, frizz and puffiness that the summer can cause with hair extensions.


You want to avoid products that contain, sulfur, petroleum jelly and mineral oil. These products will only make everything worse. They can cause build up and become very oily in the hot summer heat. Also stay away from products that have anything to do with volumizing as the heat will keep you from maintaining voluminous styles unless if you plan on staying indoors.


Make sure to add a hair sunscreen to your product list if you are not already doing so. You are probably wondering why would I use a hair sunscreen in the first place, especially with hair extensions? Well, just like your skin, your hair and scalp need protection from the sun.


Believe it or not the sun can even cause damage to your hair extensions and shorten their lifespan. The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate to your hair and scalp and cause damage similar to sunburn. You want to use a hair sunscreen on your hair extensions during the summer to keep your extensions protected, doing this will also help them last long.


Wear Hairstyles That Give You Easy Access to Your Scalp


Contrary to popular belief wigs are great for warm weather! Wigs give you easy and unlimited access to your scalp which is where a lot of the effects of heat and humidity take place. Heat and humidity can cause build up on the scalp that can feel very grimey and gross. Hair extension styles like wigs allow you to wash the build up, leaving your scalp feeling fresh and clean after a heated day.


Clip ins are another great style option with hair extensions because they can easily be removed. One hairstyle that I don’t recommend is a quick weave. The glue and the heat are not compatible at all in any way, shape or form. You want to lean towards hair extension styles that give you easy access to your scalp.


Live Your Best Hair Life!


At the end of the day we want you to live your best hair life year round, even in the summer. Use our tips to beat the heat and humidity this summer while rocking hair extensions.